Marketing campaign success depends on accurate, clean and secure data and the ability to use that data to target the right consumers for your dealership.

Conquest Data

  • Over 232,000,000 verified car owner records available for target marketing
  • Sourced from point of sale, point of service, warranty, insurance, aftermarket parts and accessories companies and major car clubs
  • Verified against separate sources to ensure accuracy
  • New car owner records from multiple sources added weekly
  • Purchase history attributes include year, make, model, VIN, purchase date, odometer reading, type of vehicle and fuel type
  • Demographic attributes include income, age, gender, ethnicity, presence of children, homeowner/renter, number of vehicles, and risk score
  • Verified with National Change of Address (NCOA) to eliminate waste

Credit Data

FCRA complaint, Ross can append accureate credit scores alongside our automotive data to maximize sales and superchanrge marketing results.

Targeted Saturation

Take saturation mailers to the next level by targeting owners at the carrier route.

Consumer Database Marketing

Bullseye Sales Events’s process for handling and cleaning your customer data is one of the most detailed in the industry. Processed by hand, we scour each and every record line and correct errors that occur when the sale is input into your system. We then run the data against the NCOA to ensure the mailing list is up-to-date and your direct mail campaigns reach the targeted prospect.

Data Performance

Once the data is verified, cleaned and accurate, the Ross data and analytics professionals analyze this data to create marketing products and programs that:

  • Recognize and target compatible vehicle owner leads
  • Retain those leads when it is time for their scheduled maintenance
  • Build your dealership a database of loyal owners

Our team has years of experience in optimizing the full potential of DMS lists and dealership data, and adapting marketing campaigns based on the results.

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