Bullseye Sales Events is proud to offer one of the latest ways to deliver a message to potential customers — Ringless Voice Mail Drops.

  •  How many calls do you get in a given week from phone numbers that you do not recognize?
  •  How many of those do you actually answer?
  •  What if you could get voice messages through without ever having to bother with the phone call?

This is what Ringless Voicemail drops achieve. Record and deliver thousands of custom messages directly into the voicemail boxes of your potential leads within minutes — all while avoiding the hassle of a traditional phone call.

Bullseye Sales Events uses cutting-edge Modular 7.7 Ringless Direct Access Routing Technology so no call ever has to actually be placed. And in contrast to text or SMS messages, there are no additional costs to the individual making it fully TCPA, CRTC, and FCC compliant on your end.

With the annoyance of an awkward or surprise phone call avoided, your dealership can get custom messages to your promising leads in a non-intrusive fashion.

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