Direct mail remains one of the most successful marketing tools in automotive marketing, even in today’s growing digital world. But finding success takes far more than flashy creative design and spraying thousands of flyers into mailboxes.

Drive the right customers and the best prospects to your dealership with our strategic direct mail planning and proven data-driven campaigns.


The foundation of a successful direct mail campaign begins with the data. Think of your customer database as your power source. Bullseye Sales Events’s Direct Mail campaigns unlock the full potential of your customer database and drive the best leads to your dealership by understanding who to target and when to target. We’ll create strategic automotive direct mail campaigns for any of your needs:

  • Conquesting

  • Service and Fixed Opps

  • Trade Value

  • Upgrade Events

  • Loan/Lease Termination

  • Finance
  • Events

  • Luxury

  • Personalized

Proven Campaigns

Once the data is defined, the next biggest factor in winning with direct mail is the campaign creative. Bullseye Sales Events’s years of experience marketing for automotive dealerships nationwide gives us an exclusive insight into to which messages and offers work, and which do not. Our team of talented designers creates direct mail campaigns that elicit the desired consumer action so you can feel confident that your direct mail campaign will be a hit. Plus, the workflow and proofing process is hassle-free!


Special financing offers are highly effective when they reach the right prospective buyer. Ross has FCRA compliant data from credit bureaus to append accurate credit scores to your campaign data. Finely targeted data plus proven finance, lease and loan direct mail campaign creative equals stellar results.

Targeted Saturation

If you’re looking to reach a large number of prospective buyers within your market, saturation mail can be a cost effective direct mail solution when executed properly. We take direct mail saturation to the next level by targeting owners at the carrier route and use data attributes such as household income, the percentage of owners with children and a variety of other criteria to produce the best ROI.


An effective direct marketing campaign that drives your customer base back to your service center for maintenance and repairs is critical to increasing dealership revenue. It also increases customer loyalty and improves the odds they will buy their next car from you.

Bullseye Sales Events utilizes your customer database to create strategic direct mail campaigns for all your service needs:

  • New car service
  • Certified Pre-Owned Service
  • Lost customer opportunity
  • Service loyalty

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